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WhatsApp Bot For Businesses

Interact with your customers individually at scale on the world’s most popular messaging app. A WhatsApp chatbot in union with a conversational marketing automation strategy will allow you to grow and convert your audience.


Shorten the path to conversion with a WhatsApp marketing chatbot

Enable flexible customer journeys with your WhatsApp bot by using declared data on customer preferences and intents which allow you to adapt and modify paths to conversion in real-time. 


Scalable Conversions

Engage customers on a platform they already use every day. Boost conversions with individualized alerts and offers you can deliver at scale. Your WhatsApp marketing chatbot will allow you to reach people in over 180 countries.



You can use declared data provided during your WhatsApp conversations such as personal preferences, interests, and customer intents to create profiles and segment audiences like never before.



Data collected on your WhatsApp chatbot can be used across email, SMS as well as your existing technology stack (CRM) to deliver a seamless customer experience that engages and converts.


24/7 Support

A WhatsApp bot can provide automated answers in moments of need and lookup large data sets instantly to current and prospective customers.


First-Party Data

Propel your first-party data strategy with declared data. Collect verified phone numbers for those opted-in and quickly grow your audience list.


Frictionless Remarketing

Reconnect with every contact individually using WhatsApp push notifications on mobile without depending on outdated tracking techniques and third party audience data.

WhatsApp bots can be used at every stage of your marketing funnel

WhatsApp as a marketing channel may be the best kept secret in marketing. Marketers can use automated chat marketing on WhatsApp to nurture and convert customers. No new apps to download and the conversation is persistent which means it can be picked up again at any time. The data collected and stored means you can deliver individual customer experiences that keep customers coming back.

01 - Discovery

Entry-points to your bot allow people to discover your brand instantly. Collect first party data in real-time that can be used to tailor their customer journey.

02 - Consideration

Engage every person individually at scaInteract with every person individually at scale with personal recommendations and insights that help nurture the relationship.

03 - Conversion

Speed up the path to conversion and drive move results with a seamless easy to use conversational experience.

04 - Support

Boost customer care by instantly responding to customers in moments of need on a channel they are comfortable with.

05 - Retention

Detailed insights and granular segmentation of people who engaged with your WhatsApp bot will allow you to foster loyalty and boost conversions with data driven remarketing.

WhatsApp chatbot improves cost per lead by 56%

We created a WhatsApp bot that qualified leads at scale for a debt management company, in resulted in more conversions at a lower cost per lead.


Popular WhatsApp bot use cases & solutions

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. It allows people to keep in touch with friends, family and now people expect similar real-time interactions with brands.

Lead Capture

Overcome objections, answer frequently asked questions and provide personal recommendations. Lead WhatsApp bots allow you to nurture the leads in a more natural way.

Product Recommendations

A product recommendation bot can asks questions to better understand a persons preferences. It allows brands to provide detailed recommendations as well as collect insights at a very granular level.

Customer Support

Give consumers easy access to your business on a messaging channel that gets used every day is key to maintaining high customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

Survey & Feedback

Survey your audience in their favourite social media platform and collect actionable insights that will help transform your business for the better.


A FAQ bot can help educate visitors, overcome objections and improve staff productivity. Turn your browsers into buyers with a well-designed answer bot.

Giveaways & Competitions

Grow your contact list and generate more leads for your business by creating an interactive competition experience inside Instagram. Easy participation, instant leads and automated follow-ups.


Quickly scale your event registration list, automate marketing processes and help participants get information about your event in a social media platform they use every day.

Bookings & Reservations

A reservation chatbot can assist your customers through your booking process. It will save you time and money on manual reservation follow-ups.


Quizzes are a good fit for WhatsApp due to it’s easy to use interface. A quiz WhatsApp bot is a great way to quickly grow your subscriber list and collect granular insights on your audience.

"A WhatsApp chatbot will help you to exceed customer expectations and increase lifetime value."

James Reed WhatsApp Bot Strategist

WhatsApp first-party data marketing strategy

Declared data, or zero-party data, is a form of first-party consumer data that is freely and clearly given by consumers. Conversations that take place on your WhatsApp bot will include many data entry points, the information collected during these chats will allow to create customer profiles. These profiles can be used to provide to tailored customer experience that exceed expectations and boost lifetime value.

WhatsApp chatbot entry points

Convenient entry points into your conversational flows – on and off of social messaging platforms  make it easier for people to connect with businesses in an instant and also facilitate channel-agnostic AI. People can interact with your WhatsApp bot in a variety of ways. Every person who sends a message will automatically become a contact.

Entry Point
Social Page
Action buttons (send message) and pinned stories can be added to social media pages.
A chat widget can be used to handle onsite conversations, guest mode is available.
Email & SMS
Clickable ref links that redirect people to your bot can be included within your emails and text messages.
Paid & Organic
QR Codes
These scannable links are ideal for offline materials such as leaflets, guides and menus.
Social Adverts
These click-to-message ads can redirect people to your bot funnels.
Social Comments
Send automated messages to people who comment or reply on your social posts.
Paid & Organic