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SMS Marketing & Text Automation

Chit Chat offers SMS marketing and text messaging automation services for businesses. Close more sales with automated text messaging and provide instant support on a channel all people have access to.

Shorten the path to conversion with SMS automation

Adapt to customer journeys with SMS automation.


Instant Connections

Send text messages that includes sales, discount, and customer support content. Approximately 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, making SMS ideal for time-sensitive messaging.


Send 1-to-1 text messages to prospects and customers that are tailored to their individual needs and intents. Segment audiences and deliver products updates, appointment reminders, special offers, and more.


Integrate SMS with Messenger, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp and Email. Seamlessly keep the conversation going across all key messaging channels. Use text messages to nurture prospects and re-engage existing customers via social messaging bots.

Quality Support

Provide instant answers via SMS or redirect contacts to social chatbots and have a real person take over the conversation if the bot is unable to provide a sufficient answer.

Collect Feedback

Collect ratings and feedback via SMS campaigns. Let your customers share their honest opinion and encourage them to share positive reviews on public platforms.

Nurture Customers

Develop SMS sequence campaigns such as weekly challenges to monthly newsletters, use SMS to shorten the path to conversion

Mobile sign-up rates increased by 89%

Let your customers easily share their phone numbers via on-site capture forms, social chatbots and conversational display ads. Send promos, curated content and product updates.


Creating your SMS marketing strategy

We will assign your business a phone number where your contacts can send SMS, this number will also be able to receive inbound text messages. Our SMS experts can help you develop your SMS marketing strategy including integration with your existing CRM and other communication channels.